Contact Your Elected Officials

What’s the real difference between Congress and the Senate? Your congressman or woman is YOUR congressman or woman. They are nominated and elected from YOUR neighborhood in order to represent YOUR interests and concerns in Washington.

But there’s no way for them to know what your interests and concerns are if you don’t tell them.

This is why they maintain local offices. And this is why they are acutely sensitive to every piece of mail and every phone call they receive from constituents like you.

The more mail your congressperson receives from you – and from others who think and believe like you – the more seriously they take those concerns and push for them in Washington. That’s how the system works.

So if something is important to you that concerns the Jewish community – from aid for parochial education to Israel’s security needs – make sure your congressperson knows about it. After all, this is why Congress is called The House of Representatives. Because their job is to represent … you.