Support Friends of Nahal Haredi

Friends of Nahal Haredi (Netzach Yehuda) supports haredi soldiers throughout their military service, up to and including their discharge and integration into civilian life, in order to help them grow through their military service and emerge as employed haredi Jews with a deep sense of connection to Torah and mitzvos.

Netzach Yehuda is a rabbinical civilian entity that views military service as a bond that can bind together various sectors of the haredi community with the entire nation. The organization serves as a representative for the haredi public vis-a-vis military, government and public entities, and as an authoritative advisor to guide and assist these entities in all matters pertaining to haredi service in the IDF. They will help any soldier who wishes to maintain a haredi lifestyle while serving in the military in one of the various “Netzach” programs, while helping him turn his military service into a springboard for personal development and growth in Torah.

Netzach Yehuda also guides haredi military alumni in a variety of fields in order to help them become part of a community after being discharged from the IDF. They work to clearly define a respectable identity for the G-d-fearing Jew who can navigate the job market while remaining connected at his core to the world of Torah that has been passed down for generations.